Carter Media Goes Tapeless

Carter Media cameras, Sony EX1r and Canon 7D.After moving to our new digs, we decided the time was right to invest in some new gear.

We started shooting HD in early 2006 and a lot has changed since then. New codecs for improved bandwidth at lower data rates have been developed, tapeless workflows, and hybrid cameras designed to shoot stills with added HD video.

After using the Sony EX1r for a full season of shooting the TV series "Growing a Greener World", Carter Media President and DP Leonard Carter, was very familiar and comfortable with the camera and chose it as the main work horse for Carter Media's broadcast and corporate production. The camera offers a wide variety of frame rates and video formats and shoots to solid sate media eliminating the time consuming post production capture from tape process. Image quality is sharp and clear with vivid colors and the ability to set up cinema like color profiles and 24p frame rate. With the use of our Redrock M2 cinema lens adapter, we are able expand the capabilities of the EX1r with a wide range of 35mm film lenses.

Over the past year Leonard has had the opportunity to shoot and DP with a number of different cameras, one of which was the Canon 7D digital SLR. Yes, you are correct, that IS a still image camera. However, over the last couple of years camera companies have been improving the video capture abilities of their still cameras to the point where professionals are actually using them for broadcast and film production with unexpectedly wonderful results, so much so that Carter Media decided to get one. With current codecs, D-SLRs have the ability to capture high quality HD video in various frame rates as well as take advantage of the enormous selection of current and legacy lenses. Using a fast lens at a wide f-stop on a camera with a large focal plane such as the 7D, gives a very nice shallow depth of field for selective focus. This is one of the techniques that in the past differentiated film from video production and now allows us to offer true "digital film" production.

Carter Media is a full service production company with the experience, passion, creativity, and tools to produce beautiful imagery to tell a story. Call us to find out how we can tell yours.