Behind The Scenes

Flexibility and quality production is why advertising agencies turn to Carter Media. Get a "Behind The Scenes" look at some recent productions.

We often have the opportunity to partner with local ad agencies and collaborate. One such project was an ad we shot for Habitat for Humanity's Habitat Re-Store in Roanoke Virginia. Local creatives Tony Pearman, Chris Henson, and Jamie Nervo all contributed their talents to an organization that had a limited budget, but a bountiful cause. Roanoke Virginia on Salem Avenue in front of the Habitat Re-Store.

Get a glimpse at what goes on behind the camera at one of Carter Media's larger productions. Shot on several locations throughout Southwest Virginia, for a series of NDP/Carilion TV spots.

See the finished spots:

Ever wonder what you get when you mix a top notch production company with a renowned advertising agency and students who've never acted before? An award winning television commercial, that's what! Shot in Blacksburg Virginia on the campus of Virginia Tech, for a student recruitment TV spot.